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Conversations with Friends

My favourite book of the month is definitely Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney. Check out my review of it here! This one was not a surprise to me; I knew I’d love anything I read by Rooney, and I was right. Incisive writing, complex characterization, engaging themes–Sally Rooney’s novels just tick all my boxes.




movies hows

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I was looking for a cute romcom to watch and Man Up was on Netflix so I thought why not?–And it was so good! It’s a British romcom with two really great leads who have a lot of chemistry. PLUS, it’s actually funny. I thought this movie delivered on exactly what it promised, so kudos to it for that.

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Yall know I have to include Game of Thrones. I honestly didn’t think I’d be that excited for the show’s return–I’ve always been a kind of lukewarm fan of the show anyway, like I enjoy it, but I’m not like obsessed with it or anything–but I actually really enjoyed watching the final season premiere. Also, the memes about this show are hilarious, and definitely add to the show-watching experience for me. (oooooo boi am i nervous for ep3 i feel like everyone is gonna die)


Season 5 of this wonderful show just wrapped up and it was so beautifully done and endearing. I was very hesitant about this show at first–the first couple of seasons aren’t the strongest–but it totally redeemed itself by season 3. This show has really grown on me and I can’t wait for season 6, which will sadly be its last season. 😦


blog posts

Since I officially launched my book blog this month, I’ve been postingΒ a lot.Β That being said, my favourite posts were definitely these two:

how idesign

I loved talking about my blog design process in my How I Designed my Book Blog post! It felt so good to be able to put together a cohesive narrative of how I designed my blog since so much of the process was a messy back-and-forth of constant editing and tweaking. It was also a huge learning process as I basically had zero idea how to use WordPress before I started using my blog. So I definitely had to learn as I went.


beautiful books

I’m so excited about this new series of posts that I’m launching on my blog called Beautiful Books: Behind the Scenes.Β In this series, I basically just show you all the cool design aspects of some beautiful books that I own. I started this series because I love seeing what books look like, inside and out, and thought this would be the perfect way to do it. I started off the series with some of my favourite books: the Jane Austen Chiltern editions of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility.



There are so many new songs that I’ve loved listening to these month. Here are my top 5 favourites:


Omg this song is SO GOOD. I listened to it for the first time and instantly knew that it was a new favourite.


I love her entire album (My Strange Addiction is also amazing), but Ilomilo is definitely my favourite.


What can I say? It’s a total bop.😎


I absolutely love anything that Rex Orange County puts out, and this song is no exception. I love the lyrics, I love the actual music, I love everything about it.


This song is so strange, but I LOVE IT. It’s especially amazing when you blast it with earphones on so you can hear all the intricacies of the actual music.

I hope April has been a good month for yall!! Let me know any of your favourites from this month, whether they be books, music, movies, etc. Here’s to hoping May will be even better (and WARMER). 😁

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