BEAUTIFUL BOOKS: BEHIND THE SCENES – Jane Austen Chiltern Editions

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as a book buyer, one thing im always interested in is what books look like. not just the cover, but the endpapers, the hardback, the pages, the dustjacket texture–everything. are the pages tinted? is the cover embossed? is the dustjacket matte or smooth? are there cool endpapers? that’s why im always on bookstagram tags, looking to see if someone’s posted pictures of a book from different angles or perspectives.

on my bookstagram, i also try to do this by featuring all the cool aspects of a book if possible. if a book has cool endpapers or an embossed cover or anything like that, i make sure to include those in my post.

so with all that in mind, ive decided to start a new feature on my blog called beautiful books: behind the scenes. and itll basically be exactly what it sounds like: ill show you the behind the scenes of beautiful books that i own! youll get to see all the cool features of a book up close. that way we can all appreciate all the beautiful books out there. 😉

Today, I’ll be featuring the BEAUTIFUL Jane Austen Chiltern Editions. Chiltern Books has published 3 Jane Austen books in these editions: Pride and PrejudicePersuasion, and Sense and SensibilityI originally found these editions on the #janeausten page on Instagram and just knew I had to have them. I collect Jane Austen books so these stunning editions were a no-brainer. Chiltern definitely knew what they were doing when they released these lol.

All these three books are hardbacks with no dustjackets. Their hardbacks have patterns on them, and those patterns are raised so you can actually feel them (you can see them in the photos + videos below).

PLUS, they have shiny tinted pages! Pride and Prejudice (middle) has silver pages, and Persuasion (left) and Sense and Sensibility (right) have golden pages.



The Pride and Prejudice design is definitely my favourite of the three. It has these amazing pearl-like flowers on the cover, and those flowers are actually raised so you can feel them. And when light hits them they’re so nice and shiny (i’m realizing im not the best at describing books lol…just gonna keep going and hope for the best).


You can sort of see what I mean in the video! How when the light hits the cover it gets all rainbow-y and shiny.

Aaaah I am in love with these colours Chiltern really nailed it with this design. I mean, they nailed it on all the designs, but this one especially.



Sense and Sensibility also has a floral-themed cover, except this time the flowers aren’t raised and the colours are more in line with an earthy colour-palette.


Instead, as you can see in the video, the flowers and leaves have spot gloss/spot UV—I’m not sure what the technical term is for this but basically, it’s shiny. You can also see the shiny golden pages that this edition has in the video!

PS: these boomerangs are so mesmerizing to watch I could watch them for hours. i dont know. something about the repetitiveness of boomerangs is so soothing to me 🤷



Persuasion has a different design in that it departs from the whole floral theme that the other two have. Instead, it has this beautiful pink and gold pattern on its cover.


The pattern on the cover, specifically the pink fleur-de-lis, is also raised so you can feel it when you touch the cover.

Et voila! i hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look of the Jane Austen Chiltern editions. if you’re interested in buying them, you can get them here from book depositoryPride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion. (@book depository sponsor me !!!!).

anyway, this was a different kind of post for me, so let me know if you liked it, and hopefully i can keep doing it in the future. i already have some ideas as to which books ill feature in the next posts so stay tuned. 👀

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