hi!!! i’m Fatma. i’m Canadian. i read a lot. i write a lot. i love The Good Place (i did base my entire blog’s design on it, after all) (it’s a show and it’s excellent and if you haven’t watched it yet you definitely should!!).

i read mostly literary fiction, short story collections, and non-fiction, with a bit of a mishmash of everything else in between. i love books with lots of dialogue, detailed character work, introspection, beautiful writing, and compelling ideas.

my favourite author is Jane Austen and my favourite book is Pride and Prejudice, though it’d be fair to say that everything that Jane Austen has ever written is a favourite. as for contemporary writers, Sally Rooney is my favourite author. i have yet to read anything by her that i haven’t absolutely loved and given 5 stars.

oh, and also, i’ve recently fallen in love with Irish fiction and non-fiction. i don’t know what’s going on in the Irish literary world, but they are clearly doing something right, because so many of my recent favourite books were written by Irish authors. highlights include Sally Rooney’s books (Normal People, Conversations with Friends), of course, but also Tender by Belinda McKeon, Sweet Home by Wendy Erskine, and Constellations by Sinéad Gleeson.

and that’s my reading taste in a nutshell! anyway, hello!! hi!! i hope you enjoy my very green, very cactus-filled blog. 🌵 

and if you read any of my posts or give them a like or comment anything at all, thank you so much!! i genuinely never expect anyone to read anything i decide to randomly put up on the internet, so to know that people actually do read my posts means a lot.