hello everyone!! it’s officially nonfiction november (hosted by Olive from abookolive!) so I thought I’d dedicate a post to essay collections, which I’ve been really getting into these days. That being said, I’ve split this post in two sections: one section highlighting some of my fav essay collections, and then another highlighting some essay collections … Continue reading ESSAY COLLECTIONS: SOME FAVS + A TBR


Pop Song by Larissa Pham (DNFd at 25%) Something about the tone and writing style of this book just categorically did not work for me. I felt like the writing was straining for a level of insight or profundity that it simply didn’t have and couldn’t achieve. I also disliked how confused the essays felt; … Continue reading RECENT DNFs (SUMMER EDITION)

THINGS I HATE READING ABOUT (and some exceptions)

hi everyone!! today I thought I’d do something different and discuss some things that I hate reading about. I’ll give some examples of books that have incorporated some of these themes/topics, but, to keep things interesting, I also thought I’d include some exceptions whenever possible–that is, books that I’ve read that included those themes/topics that … Continue reading THINGS I HATE READING ABOUT (and some exceptions)