A little while ago I wrote a post about a bunch of things that I hate reading about, and because I am a fount of positivity, I thought I’d do a part two to that post since I still had some things to talk about lol. SO HERE WE GO.

#1: Globetrotting/touristy stories

I really do not get along with stories that focus on globetrotting protagonists, especially in a tourist context. I feel like every time I read a book where this happens the author just throws a bunch of names of things at me that I never recognize because I haven’t traveled anywhere lol. It’s just so hard to get a clear sense of the protagonist’s surroundings when the narrative is preoccupied with naming every single tourist location and building and painting and food, etc. etc. Beyond not recognizing any of those things and so not being able to properly imagine them, I also just prefer to have the protagonist and their experiences grounded in a more limited set of locations, or in one location even. And I feel like globetrotting stories end up taking the focus away from the character in favour of waxing poetic about Touristy Things.

#2: Motherhood

Ohhhhh my godddddddd. I am so tired of reading about motherhood. These days if I have even the slightest inkling that a book might be about motherhood I drop it like a hot potato. Like truly, nothing gets me to not want to read a book faster than finding out that it’s about motherhood in any way. There are just SO MANY stories about motherhood, and I’ve read SO MANY of them already, and they all cover such similar themes and I’m just so done with it all. I have nothing against motherhood, but I just can’t stand to read about it anymore. My sanity depends on it.

#3: Americana

I can’t stand books that are about American culture. I just find it so boring and uninteresting. By “American culture” I mean books that are explicitly about Americana of some kind; most of the ones I come across tend to be about the culture and history of a particular state. The US dominates like pretty much everything so I’d rather read about the culture and history of literally any other country at this point.

#4: Politics

I don’t mind reading about things that are political or politicized (race, gender, etc.), but I absolutely hate reading about politics, especially American politics. Politics is already a big dumpster fire in real life, and I’d just rather not read about it in my books as well. That’s not to say that I only read for escapism, but politics is simply one thing that I have no patience for in my fiction. (This is a big reason why I didn’t like Casey McQuiston’s Red, White and Royal Blue.)

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  1. So with you on the motherhood! I enjoy reading about politics and America haha, especially American politics, but that’s probably because I’m British so it feels a little escapist…

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    1. yeah i think i just have an aversion to reading about any kind of politics, regardless of country. (it’s so different with fantasy novels though! i LOVE reading about politics in that context.)

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  2. I don’t necessarily hate reading books about motherhood but I’m tired of reading books about women who can’t decide if they’re going to be mothers or not! Like, if you’re that unsure, that’s your answer! And yes, I’m not interested in Americana or American politics either. I wonder if Americans feel that way too or if they enjoy reading about their own country more?

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    1. As an American I can confidently say: oh HELL no. There is nothing I hate more than Americana/American history/American politics. (Obviously I do not speak for all Americans but also like maybe I do)

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      1. Haha! Glad to hear it! As a Canadian I’m more interested in hearing about Canadian history than American history but that may be because it feels like we’re so inundated with all things American. I don’t even know what would qualify as the Canadian equivalent of Americana but I probably wouldn’t want to read that either!

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    2. that’s interesting! most of the motherhood books ive come across/read are about mothers trying (and, in many ways, failing) to navigate their personal lives with their children’s needs and how that takes a toll on their identity and sense of self (something like The Night Bitch by Rachel Yoder, or Megan Hunter’s The Harpy)

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      1. There are definitely a lot of those books too! I guess I don’t mind those types as much, probably because I can identify with them more, but I can see how it gets tiresome.

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