hi everyone!! today I’m coming to you with a gigantic list of some of my favourite booktubers!! I watch a lot of booktube and get so many recommendations from there that I thought I’d recommend you some (a lot) of my favourites. 🙂

Mercedes from MercysBookishMusings

Mercedes is hands down my favourite booktuber. She and I have such similar reading tastes and I trust and value her opinions so much. If she loves something, I add it to my TBR. If she doesn’t, (more often than not) I remove it from my TBR. Simple as that.

(Mercedes reads a lot of literary fiction, non-fiction, and memoirs.)

Sabrina from bookish sabrina

I have been watching Sabrina’s channel for ages and again, we have such similar reading tastes!! I love her reviews; she’s always so transparent about what she liked and didn’t like about a book, and really devotes time to delving into a book’s themes and construction.

(Sabrina reads mostly literary fiction with some non-fiction in the mix as well.)

Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell needs no introduction. She used to be a bookseller and it shows. Her recommendation videos are amazing and I also really trust her opinions. Also I LOVE her reading vlogs!! So many wonderful baked goods!!!

(Jen reads literary fiction, some crime/mystery novels, poetry, and a mishmash of everything else, really.)

Iris Messenger

I love Iris’s videos!!! they always put so much effort into their videos and it shows. Iris puts out lots of long reading vlogs and wrap ups, with so much detail and pretty editing and a variety of diverse books.

(Iris reads literary fiction, sci-fi, and YA, with some non-fiction thrown in the mix as well.)

Lauren Wade

Lauren makes the best reading vlogs. They’re so calm and soothing, and I love checking in with her and seeing what she’s reading. Aside from her reading vlogs, she does plenty of tags and wrap ups!

(Lauren reads mostly literary fiction, but also dabbles in a lot of diverse genres like non-fiction, romance, plays, classics, etc.)

Marines from mynameismarines

Marines is the queen of thoughtful and insightful discussion videos. I love hearing her thoughts in all the discussion videos she puts out, as well as her incredibly detailed and substantial reviews of the books she reads. If you’re looking for critical books review (both positive and negative), then look no further.

(Marines reads from a variety of genres, including literary fiction, contemporary fiction, YA, and non-fiction.)

Kat from paperbackdreams

Kat has the most energetic, lively personality and I LOVE it. It’s so much fun watching her talk in every video she puts out. The sheer chaotic energy in her videos is truly unparalleled.

(Kat also reads pretty widely, with some literary fiction, horror, romance, YA, non-fiction, and contemporary fiction.)

Jill from The Book Bully

Jill’s channel was a new find for me but she’s quickly become one of my favourite booktubers. I just love her energy!! she’s always so excited about whatever she’s reading or hauling, and I love that her videos are also on the longer side so you get to spend more time with her and her thoughts.

(Jill reads mostly literary fiction and non-fiction, and also lots of Canadian lit!)

Sophia from The Book Basement

I’ve been subscribed to Sophia since, like, 2012 or something and she’s grown so much since then!! As with Kat and Jill, I love her energy and also the way she edits all her videos is so fun and enjoyable to watch.

(Sophia reads from a variety of genres, including literary fiction, YA, and non-fiction.)

Whitney from whitty novels

Last but not least, the iconic Whitty Novels, whose channel I’ve been subscribed to pretty much from the beginning (since like 2011 probably). I love Whitney. She and I don’t always read the same kind of books–in fact our reading tastes have diverged pretty significantly over the years–but I’ll still watch any video she puts out. She’s hilarious, and fun, and so authentic and honest in her videos; I just love watching them.

(Whitney reads a lot of YA and romance, with some literary fiction as well.)

Honourable Mentions:

Alex from What Page Are You On

Genres: literary fiction

Cece from ProblemsofaBookNerd

Genres: YA, literary fiction, lots of LGBTQIA+ reads and recommendations

Hana from Story Nut

Genres: YA, contemporary fiction, sci-fi/fantasy

Sam from Thoughts on Tomes

Genres: sci-fi/fantasy, YA

Olive from A Book Olive

Genres: non-fiction (especially historical and nature-related non-fiction), literary fiction, contemporary fiction, romance

Claire Fenby

Genres: literary fiction, classics


Genres: literary fiction, classics

Cindy from readwithcindy

Genres: YA, contemporary fiction, literary fiction

Jennifer from Insert Literary Pun Here

Genres: literary fiction, non-fiction

Jenny from Bookish Shenanigans

Genres: literary fiction, classics

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20 thoughts on “MY FAVOURITE BOOKTUBERS (recommendations)

  1. I don’t watch booktube very often, but I’ll check out some videos when I have time, and I’ve enjoyed Kat from paperbackdreams, Cece from problemsofabooknerd, and Cindy from readwithcindy in the past. And now I have plenty of others to check out too — thanks so much! 😀

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  2. WOW thanks for this! I used to watch so many Booktube videos back in the days but now I just spend more time on WordPress. That being said, I still watch some videos so I will definitely be checking the Booktubers on this list I am not subscribed to! Some of my favorite Booktubers right now are fictionalfates, Book Charm, Bowties and Books and Chandler Ainsley. Emmmabooks, A Clockword Reader, readbyzoe and Hailey in Bookland are old faves of mine that I still watch today. Also Books with Chloe and Irish Reader are great Booktubers too! I’m subscribed to a looot of booktubers. Thanks for this post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i love A Clockwork Reader and readbyzoe! ive been subscribed to them for so long ☺ and ill definitely check out the others u mentioned, im always looking for more booktubers to follow!

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